We think, design and create disruptive technologies for organizations in Africa. How African organizations are managed, are often rooted in their past ...

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While we provide you with technology that enhances your performances and profits, we would also leverage our vast and deep know-how to provide you wit ...

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We believe that the future unfolding before our eye is glaringly telling on the impossibilities of our African government is being increasingly unable ...

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"We are in business because we understand how organizations could continually enhance their advancements; that is why we build and provide solutions that will enable the management of these organizations to succeed."

- Martins Egbe (CEO)

Our Product

- Capturing the Workplace Experience!

GEPPP is an internal workplace performance and communication management cloud technology.

The advancement of any organization is determined by its people. However, a specific kind of different people have to be combined in some special and natural ways to be able to achieve set out missions.

The puzzle surrounding the successful combinations, and the sustained actualization of these goals are solved in a most simplified, productive and profitable ways, using geppp performance and communication management solution.

Career at MProbity

We recognize that with the right people we can help organizations enhance their advancements. You can have your dream fulfilled here because we recruit only the best talents and provide the atmosphere that benefits the high performers.

Our Location

  • 1 Alhaji Adenekan Plaza,
    Along Okota Rd,
    Isolo, Lagos.

  • +234 818 7771 234